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Key Performance Indicators

BEST have many high standard KPI's

At the heart of any service delivery is the improvement to the Health and Safety Management System. BEST has a standard set of KPI’s that are used to measure our effectiveness and plan for improvement:


Accident Reports (Damage, Injury)

Incident Reports (Near Miss)


These KPI’s would be used to identify areas for improvement and compliance and as time progresses the use of trend analysis to establish changes for improvement.
This information is also critical in demonstrating that the Safety Management System is compliant and active, should it be required by the enforcing authorities or insurance companies.

Management, Supervision and Staffing

BEST is a safety company run by safety professionals and as such each day will have one of the Senior staff on site during the day and on-call if there is any night work required.

The Senior staff on-site will always oversee and manage the other Safety or Floor Managers that are on-site throughout the event.

Bluelemon Events is very much a people company and our staff are very important to us. We handpick both full time employees and freelancers. All staff are mentored under a Director or Senior Manager until we are confident they can deliver to the standards we expect.

Our Working hours

BEST have many high standard KPI's

BEST Health & Safety is committed to meeting fully, the European Working Time Directive.

As a Safety Management company this is more important than ever. Given the nature of the event and the need to maintain continuity, especially during show open, we will plan our staffing and rota to ensure that staff receive the required time away from work for rest and recovery. This will be achieved through management of work preceding and immediately after the event. This will mean that staff changes will be required leading up to show open and immediately following.

Care will be taken to ensure that continuity of skills and knowledge is maintained. Details regarding working hours, holiday and time off for sickness are within our HR Manual.


Like all event safety companies use is made of freelancers, all freelancers who are employed by BEST will wear BEST Uniform and will follow our policies and procedures. BEST will take responsibility for their actions and they will be covered by our insurance when employed by us

Data Protection

Within the UK, BEST is registered with the Data Commissioner as a Data Controler and we comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations. These requirements are instilled across all our business areas globally.
All computers, tablets and mobile telephones are the property of Bluelemon. It is a requirement for all staff engaged on a show, BEST Employees or Freelancers that that no information, pictures, media, documents or information is transferred out of our systems. BEST Staff and Freelancers are not permitted to share any information regarding the event on social media platforms.

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